Papa Rouyo, a rum born from heritage and shaped by time …

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The genesis of the Papa Rouyo project: a family tribute


Aventure portrait papa rouyo Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Charles Albert Ruscade, known as Papa Rouyo,

Maitre-cannier from 1920 at 1980


Let’s go back in time… 

Did the idea of creating Papa Rouyo rum occur by chance? The aromas of sugarcane have gently diffused into the veins of each member of Papa Rouyo’s lineage. Indeed, the sap of this sugar-producing plant has been enveloping them, without their knowledge, for generations.
Papa Rouyo, was born Charles Albert Ruscade, in the early 20th century in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, the son of farmers. He was a man in the caliber of those who, ‘antan lontan’ (in the days of yore), worked the land with rigor and dedication. Rising at dawn to work every day, except Sunday, he would ride his bike from the town of Le Moule to the fields in Portland. Working the land was his passion, he celebrated the time spent preparing it. Once the land had been ploughed over and pampered, he knew it was necessary to let it rest …… time and know-how would perform their magic …


Aventure-papa-rouyo-dans-son-champs- Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Papa Rouyo dans son champs (1960)

… time and savoir-faire operate… 

At Papa Rouyo the rhythm of the land is honored. We learned to follow the tempo the earth requires to cultivate exceptional canes. Cane full of rich sugar, that stand tall, pointing their flower into the sky. And when harvest comes, the canefields are, following an old tradition, set on fire, sending dancing flames crackling high in the night, surrounded by warm, smoked fragrances*. 

Cultivated, then distilled drop by drop … the idea of creating Papa Rouyo Rum naturally followed…. 

Some years later, Papa Rouyo’s grandson and a community of planters reflected on how they could promote the prime quality cane grown on this history-laden land. These planters, who over time have achieved status as genuine “master cane growers”, would shape, by their art, the start of an exceptional product. With this beginning of expertise and passion Papa Rouyo was born. 

Aventure maison papa rouyo Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

A child in front of Papa Rouyo’s house

Aventure maison papa rouyo Mme Agathe Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Papa Rouyo and Mme Agathe Ruscade at the hotel restaurant: Le Rejeton

*Antan Lontan: at the time, a long time ago *smoked fragrances