Papa Rouyo distills its values and reveals its personality…

Tradition, transmission, authenticity


For Papa Rouyo, the notion of “maitres-canniers” is essential. The term, translates as “master cane growers”, designates the planters who are passionate for their land, who hail from many generations of farmers, and know their plots, their canes and their terroir by heart.

From their example we witness real authenticity, the acceptance of the daily challenge of life, and the constant effort that is required to make great rums.



Papa Rouyo Distillery marks the return to an ancient distillation method: the pot still.

This so-called “batch” method requires more time and attention (approximately 8 hours per pass and 24 hours to complete a distillation).

At Papa Rouyo, we perform two passes through the wash still to fill our spirit still, where we perform the final pass which becomes our rum.



Le chai à barriques Papa Rouyo est un lieu où le temps façonne l’identité

There are barrels of many styles, made from either French or American oak, as well as ex-Cognac barrels, in the pure tradition of cooperage.


The unique savoir-faire of Papa Rouyo’s “maitres-canniers”

Savoir Faire maitre-cannier-Tim-Synésius Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe.jpg

Tim Synésius

A farmer to the bone; he knows his land through and throug

“I’ve always wanted to be a farmer in order to follow in my father and my grandfather’s footsteps. My goal was to keep up the family heritage. This lifestyle suits me. I feel so proud to be able to use this raw material and then take it to another level making my own rum! ”

Generation of farmers : forever
Last known generation : Mr Jean Synesius 1860, great grandfather
Start of the activity: 1986
Size of the parcel: 32 acres of sugarcane in cultivation
Location : Ecluse – Moule
Soil: Clay-limestone
Cane : R579, B 80.0689
Savoir Faire maitre-cannier-Tim-Synésius Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe.jpg
Savoir Faire maitre-cannier-Jean-marie-Gobardhan Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Jean-Marie Gobardhan

A farmer who believes in sharing

“Coming from a farmer family, I am part of the third generation. Going into farming was therefore the natural thing to do. I like to share my knowledge with others. Cane growing is an art and therefore it means taking great care. Farmers bring the territories to life on a daily basis by maintaining the landscape and preserving the land. Rum is by definition “cane brandy” , we will do our best to enhance the cane then. “ 

Generation of farmers : from 1890 in India , Mr Audit Gobardhan, great grandfather.
Start of the activity: 1988
Agricultural method: biological
Size of the parcel: 28 acres of cane in cultivation
Location: Écluse – Moule
Soil: Clay-limestone
Cane : R579


 Papa Rouyo is a story of growers… every day, our family of planters laboriously groom the land to harvest quality cane.

The secret of distillation in alembics

Double distillation enables us to cut out the heads and tails that pass through each of our two stills, in order to keep only the hearts, the purest part of the distillate.

Developed with savoir-faire in the micro-distillery located in Goyave, Papa Rouyo rum is presently the only rum in Guadeloupe to be produced in a pot still, instead of a rectifying column.

This unique process gives the rum its singular qualities:

  • precise, fine and intense aromas
  • rich organoleptic qualities
  • creamy texture
  • harmonious and well-balanced profile

Destiny of Women: Agathe Ruscade and Danielle Galli

Among Charles Albert Ruscade’s (aka Papa Rouyo) fundamental values is family. Family is unquestionably important to us too, notable in how it naturally supports the notions of sharing and transmission.

That is why our stills is named after the nicknames of two key Papa Rouyo relatives : his wife Agathe (Wash Still) and one of his daughters, Danielle (Spirit Still).

Savoir Faire distillateur 3 Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum-Guadeloupe
Savoir Faire Alambic Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe
Savoir Faire Alambic Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum-Guadeloupe
The cellar, a place for maturing Papa Rouyo rums

Papa Rouyo’s barrel cellar is a place where time shapes our rums’ identity. The barrels are made from French and American oak in the purest tradition of cooperage.

For the aging of our rums, Papa Rouyo has chosen to work with different coopers. Their expertise in the selection of wood and the heating of barrels allows to reveal the aromatic potential of our rum, whether it is a blend or a pure single distillation. 

Savoir Faire distillateur 2 Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum-Guadeloupe
Savoir Faire distillateur 1 Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum-Guadeloupe
Savoir Faire les chais Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum-Guadeloupe