Papa Rouyo, a reflection of the natural wealth of Guadeloupe

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The pure expression of an exceptional terroir

Sol Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe


It is on the far East of Grande-Terre, in the area known as La Moule, that the cradle of Papa Rouyo’s sits. The excellent friability of the clay-limestone soils of the “Plateaux de l’Est” allows for the deep rooting of the canes. The porous limestone does not retain rainwater, which causes water stress for the cane, thus boosting their maturation..

Cannes Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe


The Plateaux de l’Est culminate at 50 meters above sea level and are battered by easterly winds off the Atlantic. The breeze and the sea spray give the canes a certain salinity which will be fully expressed during its tasting. This geographical position also protects the cane from various diseases as well as sun burns. 

canne à sucre Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe


Les cannes utilisées pour produire les rhums Papa Rouyo sont issues de différentes variétés : Canne Jaune (B5992), Canne Rouge (R579), et la Canne Matos (B 80.0689). Plantées sur 16 hectares, elles sont cultivées selon des méthodes culturales traditionnelles qui leur permettent de se gorger de sucre et de conserver leurs arômes lors de la récolte. 

Carte Guadeloupe Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe


The archipelago of Guadeloupe is located in the Lesser Antilles arc and is made up of 5 principal groups of islands:
Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante and La Désirade. Karukera, “The island of beautiful waters”, as it was called by the pre-columbian Arawak inhabitants, benefits from a well-preserved environment, with natural diversity and regular sunshine, all conducive to the production of exceptional rums.

Plage-Anse-Salabouelle Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Anse Salabouelle, le Moule

Mairie le Moule Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Mairie du Moule

Champs de cannes Distillerie papa rouyo Rhum Guadeloupe

Champs de cannes, le Moule